Sales Workshop March 2018


Thanks for joining our  Sales Workshops on Mach 20th at 6 PM at The Great Room.

We will focus on 3 Key Topics; each topic will be presented with few slides (15mins) and followed by a Q&A session (5 mins).

1. Build a successful sales segmentation and structure

2. Manage your sales pipeline and sales team 

3. Implement your Customer Success program!

We will follow up with a drink.


Here is the list of Speakers (“French Tech Mafia”):

Emmanuelle Meheust – Senior RM at Linkedin: How the sales segmentation and Sales team is set up at a successful tech company like Linkedin.

Christophe Randy – VP Sales APAC at Linkfluence: How to manage your Sales pipeline and Sales team to successfully hit your targets.

Sebastien de Peretti – Serial Bizdev and Ex-VP Commercial Excellence InnoVista Sensors: Selling is GOOD but keeping an existing client and upselling is even BETTER… Customer success is a key component of your startup success!  

Jean-Pierre Sedaghat – Managing Partners at Vantage Capital – Moderator.


You can download the slides HERE.

Thank you.

Team Vantage Capital


Sales Workshop